Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Jake Richmond & Friends Support Local Schools: Sunday, Sept 19th

For a school fundraiser, Jake Richmond & Friends play. Come on out, join in, chip in, and make it a big success. The Rio Nido Roadhouse supports local schools and groups in need of a boost. So, YOU can help out, too.

The THUGS: Saturday, Sept 18th


On Saturday night, the 18th, one of your other favorite bands reappears, the THUGZ, or Tribal Hippie Underground Zone, as they like to be called. They're on from 6-10 pm, $5 at the door. They play original music plus lots of Grateful Dead and other bands of the era.

D'Giin: Sunday, Sept 12th


One of your favorite bands is back on Sunday, September 12D'GIIN. They play their French gypsy funk and folk from six-ish to nine-ish. Put your favorite D'Giin outfits on and be prepared to dance the night away! $5.